Daily Writing Progress #10

A little late in the day, but it is indeed still Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 8th

  • Missed this day

Wednesday, March 9th

  • Missed this day

Thursday, March 10th

  • Missed this day

Friday, March 11th

  • Missed this day

Saturday, March 12th

  • Project: Potential post
    • Word Count: 630
  • Project: Private journal entry
    • Word Count: 862
  • Thoughts: Good work, self.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: Write more. I need to get cracking on more of those April posts.

Sunday, March 13th

  • Project: Potential post, editing
    • Total Word Count: 589
    • New Words: -41
  • Project: Monday Musings post
    • Word Count: 647
  • Project: Future post D
    • Word Count: 310
  • Project: Future post E
    • Word Count: 656
  • Project: Future post F
    • Word Count: 407
  • Thoughts: I know there’s a negative number up there, but it’s a better piece of writing for it.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: Go with the flow.

Monday, March 14th


  • Missed this day.



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