Daily Writing Progress #8

Tuesday, February 23rd

  • Project: Wednesday post
    • Word Count: 271
  • Thoughts: Surprise writing! Surprise, I wrote it!
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: I would like to start getting more into the swing of writing while employed full time again. It’s been a year! But I’ve been doing so well lately so I think it will be okay.

Wednesday, February 24th

  • Project: Potential post draft
    • Word Count: 340
  • Thoughts: Productivity! Yay!
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: Be happy with life.

Thursday, February 25th

  • Missed this day.

Friday, February 26th

  • Missed this day.

Saturday, February 27th

  • Project: Monday Musings post
    • Word Count: 728
  • Project: Future post A
    • Total Word Count: 1,035
    • New Words: 193
  • Project: Ultimate Tag post
    • Word Count: 1242
  • Thoughts: I got a lot of good editing done on that future post! Mostly reorganizing it.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: More work on a future post or two tomorrow.

Sunday, February 28th

  • Project: Future post B
    • Total Word Count: 926
    • New Words: 421
  • Thoughts: I might have to cut this post down a little later, but I like the images I’ve prepped for it.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: I’m just going to play it by ear.

Monday,  February 29th

  • Missed this day.