Sunday Gratitudes #5

I’m grateful for…

🎩 – Living where I do, with who I do. ❤

🎩 – The constellation Orion. It’s the only one I can consistently find, and anywhere I’ve lived I’ve always been able to step out front and look up at it on a clear night.

🎩 – The Plant Nanny app, which is helping me drink enough water to stay healthily hydrated.

🎩 – Sending out so many job applications this week! (5)

🎩 – Foggy mornings that turn into beautiful clear blue afternoons.

🎩 – A pre-Valentine’s Day dinner including smoked salmon and crackers, and blackberries floating in rosé champagne.

What have you felt grateful for this week? And do you have any fun Valentine’s Day plans, romantic or otherwise?

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