Quotes Challenge #2 – Books & the Future

quote day 2

Picture of Sherlock Holmes park bench in London, September ‘14.

“Books: a beautifully browsable invention that needs no electricity and exists in a readable form no matter what happens.” ~ Nicholson Baker

To be honest, when I first read this quote I thought instantly of the zombie apocalypse. I’ve been re-watching the early seasons of Walking Dead, it’s just where my mind goes.

“If I had known the world was ending I would have brought better books.” ~ Dale, Walking Dead s. 2 e. 5

Because what’s going to be left for entertainment when all the infrastructure of our current civilizations go dead? Books. How are you ever going to take a relaxing vacation again? Books, provided you have a good lookout. And even if some of them seem crappy, that is not a reason to burn them for warmth. Those are precious artifacts, buddy, because unless someone reinvents paper-making, the printing press, and bookbinding then it’s all downhill from there.

Whatever else we lose, we will still have books as little windows into the past and the people who lived in it. And these days everyone’s knowledge is so specialized that it would be naive to think that all the basic information would survive a drastic reduction in population size. For example, in recent seasons of The Walking Dead there was a scene where Glenn managed to get a broken down vehicle running again thanks to something he’d learned from Dale in season one or two. That was lucky, because otherwise they would’ve had to steal another vehicle (not always an option) or try to find a mechanic (who wouldn’t try to eat them). So if you don’t have enough collective knowledge in your post-apocalypse community, you’d probably do well to stock up on a lot of those For Dummies books.

… Does anyone else think about this? Granted, there would be a lot more to worry about in any apocalypse, zombie or otherwise, than a lack of new reading material, but… Books.


The rules of the quote challenge are:

  • Post on three consecutive days
  • Post one to three quotes per day
  • Challenge three different bloggers each day


I was nominated by amusing2write, who you should go visit, and today I nominate the following. Check out these blogs!

3 thoughts on “Quotes Challenge #2 – Books & the Future

    1. World War Z is one of my favorite zombie books. It’s so interesting to see a take on how the crisis would be handled in different countries, across different cultures, with politics getting in the way despite the high stakes. And I was so angry at the movie for not being as good! Ugh, some day HBO or some similar network should make a series of it. It would be such a cool fictional documentary.

      What’s the other book?

      (I’m not a zombie nerd, why would you think that, lol.)

      Liked by 1 person

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