Daily Writing Progress #4

Tuesday, January 26th

  • Project: Leibster Award post
    • Word Count: 1045
  • Thoughts: Feeling good about this.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: Brainstorm for more posts.


Wednesday, January 27th

  • Project: Future post brainstorming
    • Word Count: 293
  • Thoughts: I’m thinking about doing an A to Z blogging challenge in April. I’ve told myself that if I can come up with ideas for every letter by the end of February, I can sign up.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: More brainstorming, but mostly I need to do things around the apartment.


Thursday, January 28th

  • Project: Beautiful Bamboo post
    • Word Count: 514 words
  • Project: Future post brainstorming
    • Total Word Count: 366
    • New Words: 73
  • Thoughts: I have so many thoughts about bamboo now.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: No writing goals, just work stuff and getting ready for a visit from family.

Friday, January 29th

  • Missed this day because cleaning the apartment from top to bottom.


Saturday, January 30th

  • Missed this day because family visiting.


Sunday, January 31st

  • Project: Future post brainstorming
    • Total Word Count: 467
    • New Words: 101
  • Thoughts: I did not get enough sleep.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: Think about life.


Monday, February 1

  • Project: About page for the blog
    • Word Count: 233
  • Project: Possible post
    • Word Count: 275
  • Thoughts: Not bad.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: Do a few more chapter outlines for Growing Magic.

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