Sunday Gratitudes #3

I’m grateful for…

🐾 – Getting more job applications sent in and more blog posts written and scheduled.

🐾 – Being nominated for a Liebster Award! That is good stuff for attracting new followers. I found several new and awesome blogs to follow through the post that nominated me.

🐾 – B. being a healthy, alert, and energetic dog again!

🐾 – Pasta with a goat cheese butter sauce. Amazing home-made dinner choice.

🐾 – Discovering these bamboo houses. It’s causing a major rethink of the architecture and climates in my WIP novel.

🐾 – Not having to worry about paying for any food this weekend, because my parents are visiting. Yay family!

🐾 – Finally filing a health insurance claim for some things in 2015. It might not come to anything, but if it does I can get reimbursed for some things.



What have you felt grateful for this week?


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