Daily Writing Progress #3

Tuesday, January 19th

  • Project: Private journal
    • Word Count: 587
  • Project: Untitled short story
    • Total Word Count: 1199
    • New Words: 557
  • Thoughts: Words, words.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: COVER LETTER. While that job post is still online.

Wednesday, January 20th

  • Project:  Untitled short story
    • Total Word Count: 1419
    • Word Count: 625
  • Project:  Words of Wisdom post
    • Word Count: 625
  • Project: New cover letter
    • Word Count; 706
  • Thoughts: Yes cover letter! Some of it was repurposed and drastically edited from earlier drafts — I’m not even fussed. Also, this keeping track of all my word counts thing is a real challenge! But I think it’s a positive thing.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: Maybe write another post or something? At the very least, finish editing the cover letter and send it.

Thursday, January 21st

  • Missed this day.


Friday, January 22nd

  • Project: Private journal
    • Word Count: 615
  • Thoughts: *shrug* I also jotted down some ideas for future posts.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: Write more, I guess.

Saturday, January 23rd

  • Project: Cover Letter, final draft
    • Word Count: 564
  • Thoughts: Cover letters are necessary, but evil. Having some experience in the hiring process, though, at least I can be sure mine isn’t one of the outright painful ones.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: I have a really cool idea for a blog post.

Sunday, January 24th

  • Project: Monday Musing draft
    • Word Count: 1118
  • Thoughts: I’m excited about posting this.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: Maybe something creative.

Monday, January 25th

  • Project: Growing Magic outline
    • Ch. 17 rewrite
    • Word Count: 569
    • Ch. 18
    • Word Count: 365
  • Thoughts: I added in a bit that I wanted to include in the first draft, but didn’t have time to figure out how to make it make sense.
  • Tomorrow’s Goal: Do another chapter outline.

3 thoughts on “Daily Writing Progress #3

      1. Aw, you totally deserve it though! I didn’t expect to get one either, so it was a big compliment for me. It’s a great way to get to know each other. I believe we artists (including writers) need to stick together (: I’d look forward to your response!

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