Sunday Gratitudes #2

This week, why not throw in a “why Sunday Gratitudes” quote and article link.

“For example, researchers in one 2003 study randomly assigned one group of study participants to keep a short weekly list of the things they were grateful for, while other groups listed hassles or neutral events. Ten weeks later, the first group enjoyed significantly greater life satisfaction than the others.” ~ The New York Times

I’m grateful for…

🐕 – Our dog finally having a diagnosis, the right medication, and is eating again! I cannot even imagine what parents with sick kids go through.

🐕 – Getting enough rain lately that I’ve seen water running in street gutters even when it’s not actively raining. And seeing things on the side of the road trying to be green.

🐕 – The 20 people who are following my  blog!

🐕 – Finally making myself remove Candy Crush, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly whatever, and Cookie Jam on my phone. I deleted them and rediscovered sudoku. 

🐕 – Kids Baking Championship. All the contestants are just so precocious.

2016-01-19 15.49.06

🐕 – This tea press I saw at Peet’s… Both that it exists and that I now know to add it to my birthday wish list.

🐕 – Applying for two new jobs! One in cheese, one in olive oil. I ❤ the natural food industry.



What have you felt grateful for this week?

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