Sunday Gratitudes #1

I’m grateful for…~Sunday Gratitudes 001

🍣  – Our big tall chocolate lab, B., getting to use one of his Christmas presents for the first time. It’s a a stand for his food bowl so he no longer has to bend down so much to eat at the apartment.

🍣  – Getting some bills paid.

🍣  – That I took out the trash, scooped out the litter box, and swept up the apartment so we are now overflow-, stink-, and dustbunny-free. (And by dust I mean dog hair.)


🍣  – Walking B. after our anniversary meal. It was a lovely evening, and I’ve read that walking after a meal is good for digestion and health in general.

🍣  – My partner’s parents being willing to help us with the expenses of B. getting sick and needing to spend a night with the vet. (We’re going to look into pet insurance for serious.)

🍣  –  Staying in the city for a night, and not having an anxiety attack while riding around in all the crazy traffic. You know, the kind of traffic where other drivers treat traffic laws more like suggestions than actual rules.

🍣  – Any hotel room service that will serve a (gluten free) cheese plate at 1:30am.



What have you felt grateful for this week?

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