Monday Musings #1 – Pet Stories

This post was inspired by the Monday Musings segment on The Caffeinated Writer. I’m going to write about whatever I happen to be thinking about at the time, sometimes reading or writing related and sometimes not. Who knows!


~Monday Musings 001a

My partner and I have a goofball five-year-old chocolate lab. We also adopted a kitten this year (shout-out to Palo Alto Animal Services), and the two of them together are just fantastic. Since we have a big dog, we looked for and found an adventurous kitty who wouldn’t be intimidated by him. And to be honest, an additional concern was finding a kitty who wasn’t too aggressive and wouldn’t intimidate him. Their interactions have gotten progressively more adorable now that he doesn’t startle every time she jumps up next to him on the couch, and even though they haven’t yet agreed on how to play with each other, they seem to have a lot of silent conversations.

~Monday Musings 001b

Anyone with pets writes a thousand little stories a day. You see this all the time online, like this kitten giving a critique of an essay and all the dogs on this Buzzfeed list. Pets are just an endless source of short stories. Especially if they’re your own pets, or belong to a close friend or family member, and you’re familiar with their personalities. Nothing says “you’re my favorite fluffball” like personalizing this silliness.

So why don’t these get written down as actual stories more often? Every now and then my partner and I joke with varying degrees of seriousness about writing children’s books based on our furbabies. Some, like “B. & The Night-Pooper”, are really never actually going to happen, but “B. & His New Littlest Sister” or “B. & F. Find Out They Were Adopted” probably could. If we’re going to bounce these ideas around, we really ought to start noting them down more!

Do you write stories about your pets? Is there a secret vault in the back of your head where you store a Best Of compilation? My personal favorites include the volumes spoken by the looks a dog or cat shoots you while getting a bath, which unfortunately I don’t have any photos of.

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